Calming Tablet for Pet Health

Calming Tablet for Pet Health

Product Name  Calming Tablet for Pet Health, Animal Tablet OEM  
Type Animal Tablet OEM    
Place of Origin   China
Users pet dogs and cats   
IngredientsHorehound extract, Valerian extract, Theanine, Tryptophan, Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin B series


Function :    Relieving the pet’s anxiety such as excessive breathing ,hiding ,abnormal behavior ,whale eyes,

excessive barking ,shaking hair,licking tongue,yawning, loss of appetite and so on. It can reduce stress response as

 well.  Tryptophan is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which is a messenger passes pleasurable emotions and is able to 

regulate pet’s emotions.

Theanine can promote the release of dopamine in pet’s brain ,improve the physiological activity of dopamine inside the

 brain and affect pet’s mood."Calming Tablet for Pet Health, Animal Tablet OEM" can promote the pet health,and we

 provide the service of  animal tablet oem.


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