Pear Concentrate Juice

Pear Concentrate Juice



 Product name Pear Concentrate Juice
 Appearance Light yellow concentrated liquid
 Specification 33°Brix
 Total acid 0.75~ 1.18%
 Nitrogen amino acid NLT 78mg/200g
 Pulp content 5%~ 15%



Pear taste slightly acid, cool, into the lungs, stomach;Has the effect of producing saliva, moistening dryness, clearing heat,
resolving phlegm and relieving wine;It can be used in cases of dry cough, thirst and constipation caused by fever or Yin

 deficiency.In addition, cooked pears help the kidneys excrete uric acid and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

1. Adrop in blood pressure

Can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, enhance myocardial vitality, lower blood pressure.

2.Clear the lungs and stop coughing

It can dispel phlegm and relieve cough, and has a curing effect on the throat.

3. Appetizer to protect liver

Increase appetite, have protective effect to liver.

4.Prevent cancer and fight cancer

Prevent atherosclerosis, inhibit the formation of carcinogenic substances nitrosamines, thereby preventing cancer.

5. Diuresis and defecation

Pectin content in high, help digestion


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