Product name Fermented Carrot Juice
 Source Fresh Carrots
 Apparence Orange red concentrated liquid
 Specification 65BX
 Total acid value NLT 1.0 g/kg
 Strain Lactobacillus plantarum
 Soluble solids(20 oC) NLT 10.0% by refractometric
 Shelf life 12 months

1.Build up your resistance

The lignin in carrots can also be raised, indirectly killing cancer cells.

2. Reduce sugar and fat

Reduce blood fat, promote the synthesis of epinephrine, and antihypertensive, cardiac action, is high blood pressure,

 coronary heart disease in patients with good food therapy.

3. Improving eyesight

Carrot contains A large number of carotene, after entering the body, in the liver and small intestine mucous membrane

 through the action of enzymes, 50% of which become vitamin A, has the effect of patulin eye, can treat night blindness.

4. Good diaphragm and wide intestine

Plant fiber increases gastric bowel peristalsis, stimulative metabolization, aperient prevent cancer.


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