Product name Vitamin A Acetate
 Synonyms Retinyl acetate
 Specification 500,000IU/g
 Molecular Formula C22H32O2
 Molecular Weight 328.49
 CAS Registry Number 127-47-9
 EINECS 204-844-2
 Water solubility Soluble


Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is an important component of visual cells. It is an essential
nutrient of complex organism.


 1. Vitamin A acetate can effectively prevent obesity, keep women slim figure.
2. Vitamin A acetate is used to promote bone growth, help teeth growth, regeneration.
3. Vitamin A acetate can adjust the skin and cuticle metabolic effect, can be anti-aging, and to wrinkles.
4. Vitamin A can help protect skin, mucous membrane from bacteria violations, healthy skin, prevent skin cancer.
5. Vitamin A acetate also can prevent nyctalopia, eyesight decline, the treatment of various eye disease, make the
woman good eyes.

6. Vitamin A acetate can reduce sebaceous overflow and make the skin elasticity, and at the same time, desalination
spot, smooth skin.


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