Bovine Collagen Powder

Bovine Collagen Powder( from bovine skin)

 Product name bovine collagen powder
 Source bovine skin, bovine bone
 Appearance white to light yellow powder
 Protein conten NLT 90%
 Ash NMT 3%
 Moisture NMT 8%
 Weight mole sure 1000-3000Dal
 Shelf life 36 months


Our  collagen is produced from bovine skin/bone or food grade gelatin product, and produced through strictly
controlled enzymatic  to make it to be tasteless and flavorless. Our bovine collagen powder is Non-gmo, GRAS,
BSF FREE, have koshar, halal certificate.

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Main function:
1. Good transparency.
2. 100% dissolved in water without precipitate.
3. Small molecular weight collagen can be absorbed by body easily.
4. High protein content
5. Strict control heavy metal
1.Cosmetics 2.Foods 3.Health Products 4.Beverages 5.Dairy Products


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