Silk Peptide Powder

Silk Peptide Powder

 Product name silk peptide powder
 Part used silk
 Characters White powder, easy deliquescence
 Total Nitrogen ≥14.5%
 Average Molecular Weight 500-30000Da
 Total Bacterial Coun ≤1000CFU/
 Coliform ≤90/100
 Residue on Ignitio ≤3


Silk peptide is a kind of water-soluble polypeptide substance by the degradation of silk fibroin protein, whose molecular weight is
between 500 and 10000, which is white powder with good water-solubility, the ninhydrin reaction is positive.
Application Characteristics:

 (1)It has actions of natural moisturizing, nourishing skin and promoting skin wound healing.
As clinically proven, silk peptide has good curative effects on skin wrinkle, dermatitis, pruritus, and eliminating chloasma.
The silk peptide is non-irritant and can accelerate the wound healing. Silk peptide can also prevent the skin from the erosion and
damage of the chemicals such as dust, coating, acid and alkali. Therefore, frequent daubing skin with skin care products which
are rich in silk peptide can achieve the cosmetic effect and prevent a wide range of skin diseases.

 (2)Extremely Outstanding Hair Care Function
The hair care function of silk peptide is mainly reflected in the absorptivity, absorbability, film-forming property, humidifying and
moisture retention to hair.

Compared with other protein hydrolysate (collagen, collagen protein, gelatin protein, etc.), the greatest feature of silk peptide is
that it is rich in nutrition and can be easily assimilated into the hair. The absorption of silk peptide to skin and hair mainly depends
on permeation.


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