Rice Protein Powder

rice protein powder

Product namerice protein powder
Sourcebrown rice
Package20kg/25kg Kraft paper bag with PE lining
Storagekeep away from sunlight and mositure
Shelf life24month



Healthdream’s brown rice protein extracted from rice is an ideal plant protein containing all the essential amino acids the body needs.
It’s produced by means of the world’s leading combined-enzyme methods, in line with GMP requirements and FDA product standards.
Compared with other rice protein, our brown rice protein is usually much finer in grade, lighter in color and more neutral in taste and
smell due to unique production ethnics and whole industrial chain integration. Rice protein is a source of non-allergenic protein with
high nutritional value designed specially for a wide range of food application,including sports nutrition,protein supplement and  food.

Good control of heavy metal and micro
Ease of digestibility
Completely natural protein among all cereal grains
Well-balanced amino acid profile
Gluten and lactose-free
Tender bite and texture improvement
Suggested applications
Sports nutrition-protein fortification
Protein supplement for vegan or vegetarian
Bakery-longer shelf life and better dough handling
Meat-cost savings and better mouth-feel
Baby food like baby milk powder


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