Product name:Mung bean protein powder
Appearance:Dark green Color and fine
Odor and taste:Bland and off-odor
Moisture: 8.0%
Ash(dry basis):  8.0%
Protein(dry basis): 80%
Total plate count:  30000 cfu/g
Coliforms:30 cfu/g


1. It can reduce visceral blood lipid, cholesterol, anti-allergy, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, kidney protection and other effects.
2. It can supplement the balance of various amino acids necessary for human growth, development, anti-aging and other life
activities, promote growth and delay aging.
3. It has the function of regulating human immunity, helping to eliminate and inhibit bacteria from rabbit plague/promoting cell
growth, and strengthening self-resistance.
4. It can repair damaged senile cells, repair gastrointestinal mucosa, promote intestinal tract peristalsis and nutrient absorption,
and improve constitution from inside to outside.
5. It can alleviate the rich branched-chain amino acids in protein powder, interrupt the operation of tryptophan, relieve fatigue,
improve physical function, and regulate body discomfort.
6. It can insist on eating protein powder every day, not only can it speak with great power every day, but also can solve the
nutritional problems of the body and improve the physical quality from the root constitution/origin.


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