Tribulus terrestris Extract

The saponins of Tribulus terrestris were prepared from the fruit of tribulus terrestris. Mainly produced in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui and other places. The fruit is harvested when it is ripe in autumn, around July-September.




Product name:Tribulus terrestris Extract
Source:The dried stems and leaves of the tribulus terrestris 
Appearence:Brown fine powder

1.Tribulus terrestris Extract 10% Saponins.

2.Tribulus terrestris Extract 40% protodioscin

3.Tribulus terrestris Extract 90%saponins

Packaging:1 kg/bag 25kg/carton
Storage:Sealed and shaded, store dry, cool and well ventilated
Shelf life:24 months

Tribulus terrestris extract mainly used in healthcare product and medicine


1. Tribulus terrestris extract can relieve angina pectoris, improve myocardial ischemia, and improve the

symptoms of chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath and anterior cardiac pain to varying degrees.

2. Diosgenin extracted from Tribulus terrestris can significantly reduce the cholesterol level of experimental

 hypercholesterolemia and increase the lecithin/cholesterol ratio.
3. Tribulus Terrestris extract has diuretic, strong and anti-aging effects.

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