Hawthorn extract(crataeggus)

Hawthorn is a plant that grows on hillsides, forests or bushes. It usually blooms in May or June and bears fruit in September or October. It can be eaten or used as medicine.


Product name:

Hawthorn extract(crataeggus) 


Hawthorn extract comes from the dried and ripe fruit of hawthorn

Appearence:Brown and yellow powder
Specification:Hawthorn extract(crataeggus)  10:1
Packaging:1kg/ aluminum foil bag  25kg/cardboard barrels
Storage:Keep close,store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.
Shelf life:24months

Hawthorn extract is mainly used in heathcare product and medicine

Hawthorn extract has the effect of strong heart, blood pressure, blood lipid.

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