1. Formula:C6H14N4O2

  2. Molecular weigh:174.2

  3. CAS: 74-79-3

  4. Appearance:White crystals or crystalline powder

  5. Assay:98.5%101.5%

  6. Packing:25kg/drum

  7. Storage: Stored in cool and dry place

  8. Shelf life:24 months

  9. Application:

  • 1. For biochemical studies, all kinds of liver coma and viral liver alanine aminotransferase abnormalities.

  • 2. Nutritional supplements; flavoring agents. Special aroma compounds can be obtained by heating reaction with

  • sugar (amino carbonyl reaction)

  • 3. Arginine is an essential amino acid for the growth and development of infants and young children. It is an

  • intermediate metabolite of ornithine cycle, which can convert ammonia into urea, thereby reducing blood ammonia

  • content. It is also the main component of sperm protein, which can promote spermatogenesis and provide sperm

  • motility energy. In addition, intravenous arginine can stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone, and can be

  • used for pituitary function test.


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