Vitamin A Acetate

Vitamin A Acetate

Product nameVitamin A Acetate
CAS No127-47-9
AppearanceDry powder
Storagekept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture
Shelf life24 months


 Vitamin A is one of the most important products, its physiological function and vitamin A fairly. With a variety of 

physiological functions, vision, growth, epithelial tissue and bone development, formation and growth of the fetus

 sperm are required. And for the mother, the former requirement of vitamin A compared to an increase of nearly 25 

percent of pregnancy, early pregnancy, maternal blood concentrations of vitamin A drops, late to rise, reducing the

 time of labor, postpartum rise again, so adequate vitamin A for mothers, it is necessary. Vitamin A is an important 

endocrine hypothalamus, pituitary hormones and other nutrients. When it is not enough, you can not issue a normal

 instruction ovarian hormone secretion, resulting in ovarian dysfunction, the relative increase in male hormones, acne

 prone skin, affect the appearance of the skin.


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