Egg White Albumin- Avian Derived

Product characteristicsProduct name: Egg white powderSource: Egg albuminType: High bubble, High glue, normalCertificate: ISO, HACCP, Kosher, HalalSpecification Appearance: Homogeneous dry su

Product characteristics

Product name: Egg white powder

Source: Egg albumin

Type: High bubble, High glue, normal

Certificate: ISO, HACCP, Kosher, Halal


Appearance: Homogeneous dry substance, white powder, without strange particles.

Color: White, homogenous

Smell: Natural odor, typical of eggs, pleasant, typical mild, free of strange smells.

Taste:                                                            Typical of egg white

Moisture:                                                        NMT 8%

pH:                                                                   6.0 ~ 8.5

Protein:                                                           NLT 78%

TPC-Toltal Plate count():                             NMT 4000 cfu/g

RCT-Coliform germs:                                   NMT 0.4 MPN/g

Salm-Salmonella spp.:                                Negative/25g

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